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   Good-bye from Executive Officer Sandy Boda:


When I became Executive Officer of the

HBA of Midwest Georgia in 2001, I agreed

to stay for 10 years. Here it is, 14 years

later and as much as I am going to miss you,

it is time for me to retire to spend time with

my husband and family and pursue things

I have been putting off until I ‘had time’.


It is an exciting time for the Association

as we bring in new Executive Officer

Paige Hughes. Paige has fresh and new ideas to present to you!

These ideas, while possibly challenging to you

and what might appear to be outside the box,

will only make the Association and you, the

members and your businesses stronger. I ask

that you remember that she is not trying to

fill my shoes, but rather make her own footsteps!


It has indeed been my honor to be your Executive Officer.

 I am taking with me many

fond memories, many friendships and pride in what,

with your help, I accomplished in those 14 years.