Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

to promote,educate, involve, and serve today's building industry professionals in creating tomorrow's communities.

Plan Monitor Executive Officer
Roch deGolian Sandra J. Boda
Ravin Homes, Inc. HBA of Midwest Georgia
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The Plan...

"If we can know where we are and something about how we got there, we might see where we are trending-and if the outcomes which lie naturally in our course are unacceptable, to make timely change."- Abraham Lincoln

ON April 10 & 11, 2007, 17 HBA of Midwest Georgia's members and three staff persons met with a representative of NAHB to conduct a 3-year Strategic Plan for the association.

Strategic planning is a tool used for one purpose only; to help the organization do a better job - to focus its energy, to ensure that members are working towards the same goals, to assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. In short, strategic planning is disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what the association is, what t does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future.

Key Issue I: Membership

Objective A: Increase membership and participation in HBA events, leadership, and governance.

Strategy Committee
Identify the potential HBA volunteer base and opportunities Governance
Develop a program HBA volunteers Membership
Review meeting formats Program
Develop job descriptions for volunteer opportunities Governance
Develop a new member mentoring program Education
Train members on "how to do business with a member" Education
Provide leadership training to HBA current and future leaders Education

Objective B: Increase membership to 1,100 by April 2010.

Strategy Committee
Identify potential new members Membership
Develop testimonials from members quantify the return on membership investment Communications
Develop ways for members to help promote HBA brand Communications
Promote HBA members to like associations Communications
Develop the membership committee Education
Train members how to sell membership Education


Key Issue II: Communications

Objective A: Improve public image of the HBA, industry and members.

Strategy Committee
Promote HBA community involvement Program
Develop additional community activity Program
Consider retaining a public relations firm to develop a plan Communications
Develop media strategies to build an ongoing presence in the community Communications
Educate the community that HBA provides consumer and community services Communications
Consider producing a Charity House on a more regular basis Program

Objective B: Improve internal communications.

Strategy Committee
Consider delivering the HBA Newsletter more frequently than quarterly Communications


Key Issue III: Operations

Objective A: Improve HBA Finance and Operations.

Strategy Committee
Review developing a Parade of Homes and/or Tradeshow Program


Key Issue IV: Government Affairs

Objective A: Improve government affairs presence and proactive efforts on behalf of the industry.

Strategy Committee
Utilize a new full-time staff GAC
Develop improved government affairs coverage for all 24 municipalities GAC
Identify Members who can serve as government affairs representatives at all 24 municipalities GAC
Identify ways to influence the licensing issue on local level GAC
Develop a way to direct and activate members to respond to issues locally GAC
Continue to develop Relationships with local elected and regulatory officials GAC
Develop and award for public or regulatory official GAC
Continue t build member relations with the HBA of Georgia GAC


Key Issue V: Education

Objective A: Become the primary source of industry continuing education for HBA members and the community.

Strategy Committee
Develop curriculum for education programs Education
Provide the required courses needed to be licensed in Georgia Education
Identify educational needs of members and community Education
Develop a recognition program for members who attend classes Education
Identify members who can provide education Education
Explore the creation of student chapters Education
The HBA scholarships to industry internship programs Education
Establish a direct connection to the Central Education Center Education

Committee Overviews

Communications Committee- will act as liaison between HAHB, HBAG, and the local association office in an effort to relay all pertinent information to the members. The committee will work with staff to ensure prompt delivery of The Toolbox Newsletter, Membership Directory, Website and all print data as a means of communication to members. Committee will also work with Public Relations firm to develop media strategies to educate the community about the HBA.

Education Committee- will develop a plan to identify and provide continuing educational program for the membership.

Governance- will monitor and ensure that the activities of the association are in alignment with the by-laws of the association. The Governance Committee will present any by-law change requests to the Executive Board.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)- oversees and coordinates the government affairs activities and programs of the association in order to execute the public policy goals and objectives of the association.

Membership Committee- identifies and recruits new members of the association and promotes involvement in all association programs and activities.

Program Committee- determines dinner meeting speakers and other non-dues revenue to help promote involvement in all association programs and activities. Chair for this committee shall be current Vice President or whomever the President assigns.