Community Outreach






Over the past 35 years, Community Outreach, or giving back to the community has been a very important part of what the association does. In fact, part of the 1996 Mission Statement read.

The HBA pursues charitable endeavors which will enhance the communities in which we work.

There are several ways the HBA reaches out to the community. One is the scholarship program which began in 1984. Since then 248 scholarships have been awarded totaling $311, 320.00. While most of the scholarships awarded have gone to graduating high school seniors the HBA has also given scholarships to go along with State School Superintendent Kathy Cox' program which gives funds to high school seniors enabling them to take summer classes to graduate. In addition, students at Griffin Technical College as well as other post-secondary schools studying in a building industry related field have been awarded scholarships from the HBA's Jerry Ballard Memorial Scholarship. Members are encouraged to have their children make application for the scholarship. All Guidance Counselors in the high schools in the HBA jurisdiction have the applications in January of each year.   

In 2006 and 2007 the HBA held a Saloon and Casino Night. All proceeds from this event were given to the Griffin Technical College Construction program. In 2006 enough money was given to buy a "SawStop" industrial grade cabinet saw. The HBA continues to support Griffin Tech in other ways and with other fundraisers.

Some of the other 'outreach' programs include: Scholarships to the Boy Scouts of America 'Campership' program; contribution to the Fayette Youth Protection Home and the Joseph Sams School, to name a few.

The Community Outreach Program is funded by members of the association building what is called the 'charity house'. The homes are built with donations of both material and labor supplied by the members. Upon completion, the home is sold and the proceeds invested and used for the outreach programs when needed.

We are proud of what we have done, but this is only the beginning. The HBA will continue to give back to the communities in our ten-county area.


Project Santa was born in 2002 after Executive Officer Sandy Boda started planning the Associations Christmas Party. When pricing location, food, entertainment etc., she went to the Board and asked permission to hold an informal open house at the HBA office in lieu of the traditional party and use the money saved to provide Christmas to those less fortunate than us. All members are invited to the open house, now named Project Santa.  Members are asked to attend and make a contribution so that toys and clothing could be purchased for children in our ten counties.

Below is a partial list of what members' contributions to past Project Santa helped us provide for children in each of the HBAMWG ten-counties:

20 inch bikes Candy Land games
Clue games Matchbox cars
Barbie dolls Timex Watches
Winter Jackets hats
mittens scarves
long underwear play phones
Lincoln Logs beach ball fun-packs
sleeping bags Fisher Price toys
Tonka trucks soccer balls
basket balls  

In addition, over 100 Christmas stockings full of fun and useful items as well as contributions to Meals on Wheels were provided to Senior Citizens in several of the counties.

Thank you HBA of Midwest Georgia Members